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ACT! Training (Basic)

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Course Overview

The class is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of ACT! features. Topics include an overview of the application’s interface, scheduling and completing activities and using the calendar. By the end of the class participants will also be able enter new contacts, add information to existing contacts, send and receive e-mail from within ACT!, correspond via mail merge documents and letters as well as create groups, or subsets, of contact records.


A basic knowledge of Windows XP/Vista/7/8, a familiarity with Microsoft Word, and a familiarity with e-mail are necessary to complete this course.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for new ACT! users and lays the foundation to ensure productivity using ACT!.

Duration  : 10am to 5pm

Hands-on: Yes
Training Material: Solarsys’ ACT! Training Guide
After Training Support: 30 days email support after completion of training.

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ACT! Basic Course Outline

Basic Module 1: Getting Started

  • ACT! program overview
  • Basic ACT! Database Management

Basic Module 2: Working with Contacts

  • Working with the “My Record”
  • Contact Record management
  • Working with Secondary contacts
  • Using names and salutations setting
  • Notes and File management

Basic Module 3: Companies and Divisions

  • Company Management
  • Divisions Management

Basic Module 4: Simple Lookup

  • Performing a simple lookup
  • Performing special lookups
  • Replacing, adding to, and narrowing lookups
  • Keyword searches

Basic Module 5: Contact List View

  • Using the Contact List view
  • Customizing the Contact List View
  • Integrating Microsoft Excel

Basic Module 6: Using Groups

  • Group and Subgroup management
  • Static & Dynamic Grouping
  • Converting groups to companies
  • Group membership

Basic Module 7: Scheduling Activities

  • Navigating the calendar views
  • Activity management

Basic Module 8: Writing Letters

  • Setting letter preferences
  • Creating template-based letter
  • Letter History
  • Envelopes & Label

Basic Module 9: Using Email

  • Setting email preferences
  • Viewing email in ACT!
  • Emailing
  • Recording email history
  • Merge Mailing

Basic Module 10: Internet Integration

  • Internet integration
  • Attaching a web page to a contact
  • Launching websites from within a record

Basic Module 11: Opportunity Management

  • Opportunity List view
  • Opportunity Management
  • Generating quotes
  • Exporting opportunities to Excel
  • Opportunity Process & Product management

Basic Module 12: Working with Dashboard

  • Using Dashboards
  • Displaying Dashboard Views
  • Filtering and Working with the Dashboard Views

Basic Module 13: Running Reports

  • Basic report
  • Report filter


  • What’s cover in ACT! Advance User Training
  • ACT! Security Roles & Permissions
  • Database Synchronisation
  • Customising ACT! Database Design, Layout, Template & Report


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