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ACT! Training (Advance)

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The ACT! Advanced class explores many of ACT! powerful features including working with queries, customizing the ACT! database fields & user interface to systematically organize contacts and provide easy navigation for all ACT! users in a organisation. This class also provides a comprehensive overview of the database synchronization functions, administration of user access, and details the procedures involved with creating document & e-mail templates for mail-merging. Finally, participants will be introduced to the reporting tools in ACT! and will be provided with an overview on how to view, modify and clone reports.


A basic knowledge of Microsoft Server OS and SQL Server and Windows XP/Vista/7/8, a familiarity with Microsoft Word, a familiarity with e-mail, and successful completion of ACT! Basic User are necessary to complete this course.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for ACT! users who need to administer the ACT! databases & users, to maximize the utilization of ACT! in his/her organization.

Duration  : 2 days (10am to 5pm)

Hands-on: Yes
Training Material: Solarsys’ ACT! Training Guide
After Training Support: 30 days email support after completion of training.

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ACT! Advance Course Outline:

Advance Module 1: Installation and Conversion

  • Installing ACT!
  • Configuring and setting up E-mail system
  • Conversion from earlier ACT version
  • Create and Deleting database

 Advance Module 2: Configuring Workstations

  • Understanding and Modifying Tools Preferences
  • Setting Tools Preferences Options
  • Modifying Phone Format

Advance Module 3: Queries

  • Activity Data Mining
  • Queries / Lookup By Example
  • Advanced Queries
  • Creating/Populating a Group or Company

 Advance Module 4: Database Design & Layouts

  • Creating a New Database
  • Field Attributes
  • Manage Drop-down Lists
  • Defining and Modifying Layouts
  • Testing Your Layouts

Advance Module 5: Feature Customization

  • Customizing Menus and Toolbars
  • Creating New Activity Types
  • Activity Series
  • Envelopes and Mailing Labels
  • ACT! Word Processor
  • Formatting E-Mail Templates
  • Mapping ACT! Fields into Microsoft Excel
  • Opportunity Customization

Advance Module 6: Running & Designing Reports and Dashboards

  • ACT! Reports
  • Report Templates
  • Adding Report Objects
  • Report Filters
  • Using Custom Reports
  • Creating Custom Dashboards

Advance Module 7: Database Security

  • Understanding the different security roles
  • Creating new users
  • Password Management
  • Team Management
  • Field Security

Advance Module 8: Database Administration

  • General Database Maintenance
  • Understanding the database file and directory structure
  • Setting Up a Multi-User Database
  • Cleaning up the Data
  • Importing an Excel file
  • Events

Advance Module 9: Synchronization

  • Synchronizing Databases
  • Administrator Task – Preparation
  • Administrator Task – Setting Up Sync
  • Administrator Task – Turning on Sync
  • User Task – Remote Database
  • Administrator Task –Territory Realignment

Advance Module 10: Troubleshooting ACT! issues

  • Identifying common ACT! problems
  • Where to get help
  • Getting addons
  • Knowledgebase

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