Mail merge with accounting software

Create Statement of Account from the accounting software is a Mail Merge process. During mail merging, the fixed field such as debtor, address, the amount due, etc. merges into the Statement template. Besides Statement of Account, documents such as reminders and letters also can usually create from accounting software.

Statement of account

MoneyWorks accounting software does have it own form designer to create Statement and letters. You can use the form designer to create a simple relocation of office notice or a letter of demand; it may not be fanciful but good enough to get the message across.

QuickBooks Desktop, on the other hand, integrates with Microsoft Word to create documents. Check the system requirement to ensure the software you have is compatible with each other. You can check with Intuit, Reckon if you are using Reckon Accounts (formerly known as Reckon QuickBooks), or the QuickBooks reseller whom you have bought the software.

Accounting software is not a marketing tool; consider using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, e-Marketing application, or a Contact Manager software like ACT!, etc. to create marketing mailers such as promotional mailer or ‘keep in touch’ kind of letters to prospects and customers.



MoneyWorks accounting system supports multiple entities

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

There is no restriction on the number of company files you can create in MoneyWorks. You can create as many files as you wish with a license purchased/subscribed. It is useful to the Accountant who requires managing multiple entities and a cost saving to the outsourced Accountant (Bookkeeper).

Multiple Instances

Besides, multiple instances* feature allows the user to work on multiple files at the same time without having to close the company file first before working on another. It reduces frustration and time-saving when working with the inter-company account.

For Accountant who needs consolidation can consider getting the ‘Consolidation & Intercompany Module (MoneyWorks Datacentre)’ from Cognito addon store. This addon helps the Accountant consolidate financial reports from various subsidiary accounts.

Whether it is a standalone, multiple-users, install locally, private cloud server, or subscribe to MoneyWorks Now (a cloud-based accounting system), there is a MoneyWorks product meets your requirement.

Contact a MoneyWorks consultant in your area to find out more about MoneyWorks accounting system or test it out with a trial copy.


*You can turn it on from the Edit menu > MoneyWorks Preferences > Documents tab > check the Multiple Instances checkbox.

We have moved!

Software: MoneyWorks Accounting System

You need to change the business address in forms such as Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, etc. when moved to a new location.

Company Details

Update the Postal and the Delivery address from the Company Details, under the Show menu, if you are not using a preprinted form. If the template designed with the Address fields inserted instead of using a text box for addresses, then it will pick up the new address automatically.

However, if you are using a text box for addresses, then manually amend the text box with the new address is required.

Contact your MoneyWorks consultant if you need help in amending forms.