QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise - A powerful but affordable system for growing businesses


Better business insights

Besides multiple entities (create multiple company files), you can work in two company files simultaneously in QuickBooks Enterprise, and use consolidated reporting to gain deeper insights.


QuickBooks Enterprise is scalable; you can increase the number of users from 5 to 30 users when your business grows and set up the user access security accordingly to the user role.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Advanced Inventory

You may need to have multiple warehouses to stock up your inventory when the business grows. QuickBooks Enterprise allows searching the product by bin, barcode, serial number, the lot number across multiple warehouses; and set the reorder points to remind yourself when stocks are running low.

Landing Cost

The landing cost allocation helps distribute the landing cost by quantity, percentage, or amount evenly among the products allocated. This feature is useful for small businesses when multiple products have packed in a single shipment. Select the forwarder bill and the product to allocate, QuickBooks Enterprise seamlessly transfer the landing cost into the product cost. It gives the business owner better margin insights and calculates the commission for the salesperson accurately.

Time-saving when you switch

The core features and layout of QuickBooks Enterprise is similar to other QuickBooks Desktop products, therefore time-saving in training and support when you switched.

Advanced Pricing

Advanced pricing add-on enables businesses to create an unlimited number of price rules based on any combination of factors including customer, item type, vendor, job type, etc.

Sales campaigns by quantity discounts, manufacturer markdowns, and pre-scheduled promotion can easily set up with advanced pricing installed.

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