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CRM & Marketing automation
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ACT! — your business command centre. It gives you the control to tap into all customer relationship detail, seamlessly interact with productivity and social tools you rely on, and leverage integrated e-marketing services that take the guesswork out of when, where, and how to engage with prospects and customers.

Market like a pro!

With ACT!, you can capture new leads, profile your prospects progressively, and turn the website visitor into paying customer. Marketing automation helps to send high-impact marketing emails promoting your products and services. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to market like a pro.

Marketing automation

You know exactly how your business and employees perform with dynamic, visual snapshots of real-time metrics. Decision-making is easier with sales, marketing, and business health KPIs.

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ACT! Contact Management consolidate all business-related activities, such as contact information, emails, notes, schedules, documents, and campaign results. It’s like a digital ‘personal secretary’ that helps organise your daily activities and reminds you of the follow-up task.

Turn leads into sales

ACT! Sales Management helps you focus on the most valuable opportunities. With standardise sales process, your team track and manage every detail of the open sales opportunities. By combining accurate forecasts and uncovering potential issues and sales opportunities, you can adjust the strategy to close the deal.

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