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Business accounts accessible over the web anywhere, anytime!

QuickBooks is a user-friendly small business accounting software which helps to keep your business finance organised and free yourself up to make a better business decision and stay focus on growth.

As a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and has been dealing with QuickBooks since 1998, we work with the accountant to provide consulting, setting up of company file, implementation, training, and support.

Why QuickBooks?


QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a cloud-based (browser-based) accounting system for small businesses. You do not need an I.T. expert to install QBO — there is no software required to install 🙂

Launch a web browser and connect to QBO portal with an internet connection, and you can access your business accounts anywhere.

Online Invoice

Online invoice is an innovative way of sending invoices to your clients. Besides knowing when your client has received and opened up the invoice, you can communicate with the client over the invoice and making a payment is just a click away.

Bank Feed

QBO has connected with major banks in Singapore, which allows the user to download the bank transactions to match or add into the QBO bank register.

Multiple Currencies

Both Essentials and the Plus version has the multi-currency feature built-in which you can send invoices in a different currency or receiving bills from foreign currency vendor.

Project and Location tracking

QBO Plus version support project and location tracking. You can create projects and associated with the client, or set up locations to track your income and expense for branches. QuickBooks Online (QBO) simplified complex business workflow for small businesses.

Visit the QuickBooks website for a full list of features available.

Product Range

The range of QuickBooks products we provided are:

and also:


Transaction Pro

Transaction Pro is an import/export utilities allowing the user to transfer transactions (Microsoft Excel or CSV file) such as Invoices, Bills, Payments, Receipts, etc. to/from QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Desktop version.

Other add-on solutions include CIN7 and TradeGecko for warehouse management, StoreHub cloud-based Point of Sales, Magento and Shopify for eCommerce integration. Visit the QuickBooks Online add-ons store to find out more.

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