MoneyWorks® Gold

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MoneyWorks Gold is a powerful standalone desktop accounting system. It has all the features of MoneyWorks Express plus cost centre accounting (Departmental), multiple currencies, job costing, advanced inventory management, and much more — all in one place and is fully integrated.

Departmental accounting allows you to allocate the cost to the individual department/cost centre. For example, a property management company may assign each property as a department, and then track the profitability of each property; or a non-profit organisation may use the department feature to track Restricted and Unrestricted fund.

Besides sending and receiving invoices or payment in foreign currencies, MoneyWorks Gold generate the exchange gain/loss unrealised automatically once a new exchange rate has entered.

MoneyWorks Gold is capable of tracking the serial or batch number of a product across multiple warehouses/locations. The built-in stock journal allows you to create, break, make, write-off, revalue, or transfer product from one warehouse to another.

Besides per-user privileges which allow the user to access the relevant module, you can set the security level on each account. For example, you can prevent the user from accessing the Payroll account by setup the security level of payroll account higher than the one set in the user profile.

MoneyWorks Gold is customisable. The Programmer can use the built-in Report Writer to create a custom report or write Script to extend the functionality of MoneyWorks.

MoneyWorks Gold accounting system is simple and powerful.


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