MoneyWorks Gold

accounting system
with departmental
accounting built-in

MoneyWorks Gold has all the features of MoneyWorks Express plus cost centre accounting, multi-currency, job costing, advanced inventory management and much more
– all in one place and fully integrated.

Step-by-step guide setting up your account


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A step-by-step guide helps navigate MoneyWorks, from setting up opening balances to daily accounting transactions.

Departmental accounting

The powerful sub-ledger capabilities of MoneyWorks Gold allow for departmental/cost-centre accounting and budgeting. A department might be a branch, salesperson, vehicle (for fleet management), curriculum area (for schools), project, building (property management), etc.

Departmental account
An example of a departmental account

How to set up a departmental account?

The example shows the courses (English Enrichment and Speech & Drama) of the Enrichment Centre set up as Classification (first level), and the classes (Beginner, intermediate, and advanced) of each course are as a department (second level).

A department group (Classes) host all the departments and tags the group to the appropriate GL account that you wish to track the department (e.g. Sales income, wages, stationery, material cost, etc.)

Then, select the appropriate department when using the GL account in the transaction (e.g. Sales or Purchase Invoices).

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support long product code

Product code

Support up to 31 Characters, sufficient for most businesses.

Inventory management

MoneyWorks Golds inventory feature support:

  • Multiple locations (multi-warehousing)
  • Serial/batch number
  • Expiry date
  • Attached product image
  • Barcode
  • Comments field for product specification for printing on the sales invoices
  • Additional category and custom field to further categorise the product (e.g. product type, brand, etc.)
  • Assembly items (Bill of material — BOM)
  • Buy and sell in a different unit of measure (UOM)
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Send and receive in foreign currency. Auto currency revaluation once enters a new exchange rate into the MoneyWorks Gold.

Quotes & Orders

Generate quotes and convert them into a Sales Order upon confirmation. Multiple ways of processing a Purchase Order: Pay a deposit for the order, Receive a prepayment invoice for goods, Receive goods with an invoice, Receive goods before/after the invoice, etc.

Singapore GST

Generate and finalise the GST. Connect to the Singapore IRAS GST (Goods and Services Tax) portal via the IRAS Connect feature to submit your GST returns digitally from MoneyWorks accounting software.

MoneyWorks Gold

  • Cashbooks for payments & receipts
  • Integrated general ledger
  • Product database
  • Manage customer/supplier contacts
  • Set up recurring transactions
  • Compare performance to budget
  • Customise Entry screens and list
  • Define pick lists for easy data entry
  • Quickly search and sort data
  • Email receipts, invoices & Statements
  • Output direct to PDF, Office, iWorks
  • Import bank Statements (QIF, OFX, CSV)
  • Point & click bank reconciliations
  • Sticky notes will help you organise
  • Powerful on-screen enquiries
  • Secure your financial data
  • Audit trails for accounting integrity
  • Export in accountant format
  • Manage unlimited companies
  • Easily manage GST/VAT/Sales Taxes
  • Dashboards for better insights
  • ~105 reports
  • Import/export & interoperability
  • Unicode support
  • Store scanned documents and images
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Design Invoices, Statements, labels, etc.
  • Analyse sales and purchases
  • Powerful custom report writer
  • Enhanced product database
  • Manage inventory and manufacturing
  • Prepare quotes, estimates & sales orders
  • Manage purchasing & reordering
  • Serial & batch number tracking
  • Multiple warehouses/locations
  • Work in multiple currencies
  • Departmental/cost centre accounting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Track client’s jobs and bill for time
  • Control privileges for multiple users
  • Scripting for more customisation
  • Window designer to streamline workflow
MoneyWorks Gold accounting software

MoneyWorks 会计软件

Multiple users accounting software

Design for the accounting team

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Both can support up to 99 users concurrently access.