ACT! Contact Manager

ACT! is a proven Contact Manager, trusted by the entrepreneurs, sales teams, and small and mid-sized businesses. It is flexible and customisable to fit unique business and industry needs. It keeps contact details, emails, notes, history, activities, social media updates, documents, and more in one place — the ACT! Contact Record.


MoneyWorks accounting systems

MoneyWorks has the simplicity and features you want, and the power and flexibility you need. It has built-in features such as multiple warehouses, serial number, batch number, departmental account, and more. Be it running on Windows or MacOS, standalone as a desktop application, in a local area network, host the data in private-cloud or a public cloud server, there will be a MoneyWorks product meet your accounting needs.


QuickBooks accounting systems

QuickBooks is a user-friendly accounting system which used by millions of small businesses worldwide. Both QuickBooks Desktop and the Cloud-based version (QBO – QuickBooks Online) comes with useful feature such as managing your account in multiple currencies, class tracking, job, etc. You can access QuickBooks Online via a web browser on a computer, a tablet, or a mobile device; manage your book such as creating an invoice or capture a bill on the move and let the accountant finish up the account later at their own pace. Cloud-based application allows collaboration among users from a different place any time without having to invest heavily in computer hardware infrastructure.



Create a custom application with FileMaker to meet your unique business need. You can create a simple database which runs on the desktop, web or mobile devices to capture survey or a QC (Quality Control) checklist; to an advance Fixed Assets tracking system, a medical record library, or a booking system for an SPA or a tuition centre, etc. Custom apps help you and your team quickly solve unique business problems, streamline operational processes, boosting overall productivity and efficiency. You can DIY (Do-it-yourself) a custom app* or get a FileMaker Consultant to develop a custom application to fix your unique requirement.

*Programming knowledge is required