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Reckon Accounts and Reckon QuickBooks

Reckon Accounts (formerly known as Reckon QuickBooks Asian-Australian edition) is a product of Reckon Australia. Reckon used to have an exclusive relationship with Intuit (the owner of QuickBooks accounting software) to develop QuickBooks for Asia/Australia market. It’s one of the earliest off-the-shelf software which has the GST function built-in, as early as QuickBooks v6 when Singapore first introduced GST@3% in the 90s. It’s also one of the most comprehensive small business accounting software at that time with advanced features like; GST, inventory, multi-currency, class tracking, job costing and network multi-user (up to 5 users concurrently accessing the same company file/database).

Contact us to find out the available options for you to move forward

Reckon renamed it’s business accounting product range to Reckon Accounts soon after their relationship with Intuit ended in 2012 (when Intuit introduced QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Asia).

Moving forward, in 2019, Reckon has also ceased perpetual licensing for all Reckon Accounts products and now sell their product licenses subscription-based, renewable on an annual basis.

For those users who are still using the old versions of Reckon QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts but have recently encountered license issue which prevented them from accessing their data may want to contact us to find out the available options for you to move forward (e.g. either upgrade to the latest Reckon Accounts and keep all your historical data or start afresh with some other accounting solutions).

Call us @+65 6330-0300 for a non-obligatory consultation.

Reckon products sold in Singapore/Malaysia & Asia:

  • Reckon Quickbooks v6
  • Reckon Quickbooks v8
  • Reckon Quickbooks 2002
  • Reckon Quickbooks 2003
  • Reckon Quickbooks 2004
  • Reckon Quickbooks 2005/06
  • Reckon Quickbooks 2006/07
  • Reckon Quickbooks 2007/08
  • Reckon Quickbooks 2009/10
  • Reckon QuickBooks 2011/12
  • Reckon Accounts 2013
  • Reckon Accounts 2014
  • Reckon Accounts 2015
  • Reckon Accounts 2016
  • Reckon Accounts 2017
  • Reckon Accounts 2018
  • Reckon Accounts 2019
  • Reckon Accounts 2020


Note: QuickBooks® is a registered trademark of Intuit.

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