MoneyWorks accounting software

MoneyWorks accounting software has the simplicity and features you want, and the power and flexibility you need. You’ll get big business capabilities at a small business price.

No matter what kind or size of business you’re running, MoneyWorks will have a solution that fits. To make things easy, and to ensure you only pay for what you need, MoneyWorks comes in four desktop options — Cashbook, Express, Gold, and Datacentre — and is also available “in the cloud”.

You can easily upgrade from one MoneyWorks option to the next when your business grows or needs change. There is no data conversion or staff retraining required, as all MoneyWorks products share the same user interface and use the same database file format.

Cross Platform


MoneyWorks allows you to structure your accounts to match the needs of your business. With API, it can interface seamlessly with most of the leading payroll, CRM, or POS system, and generic systems like FileMaker Pro or MS Office, making it possible to streamline your workflow.

Information Rich

Dashboard charts and screen list gives you quick access to your data. MoneyWorks has powerful reporting, analysis tools, and report writer to create the exact reports you need and to analyse your business health.

Multiple Entities

The desktop version of MoneyWorks allows you to keep accounts for as many entities as you want on a computer, with no additional fees or licenses required.

Unicode Support

Record information and prepare invoices/reports in almost any languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and most other non-Roman text.

Departmental Accounting

The powerful sub-ledger capabilities of MoneyWorks Gold allow for departmental/cost-centre accounting and budgeting. A department might be a branch, salesperson, vehicle (for fleet management), curriculum area (for schools), project, building (property management) etc.

Inventory and Bills of Material (BOM)

The MoneyWorks stock system is fully integrated with order entry and the job system, making stock management easy. Advanced inventory includes manage inventory across multiple warehouses and location, and keep track of inventory with serial and batch number (with optional expiry date).

Multiple Currencies

Issue and receive invoices/payments in any currency, and MoneyWorks will do the background accounting.

Multiple platforms

MoneyWorks works on Windows, macOS, and also available on Cloud-based (subscribe to MoneyWorks Now).

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Consolidation & Inter-company Module

The MoneyWorks Consolidation Module is a MoneyWorks script that facilitates consolidation of multiple Datacentre files, and inter-company transactions between them.

Daylite Connector for MoneyWorks

The MoneyWorks-Daylite Connector provides a direct link between MoneyWorks Datacentre, Gold or Express and Daylite, the award-winning Business Productivity & CRM system from Marketcircle.

FileMaker Pro Plugin

Seamlessly integrate your customised FileMaker Pro solution with MoneyWorks.

Price Book

The MoneyWorks Pricebook Script implements a more comprehensive pricing model in MoneyWorks that allows for:

  • Special pricing by item per customer
  • Volume pricing by item per customer
  • Special prices over a date range by item per customer


Ostendo is an operational software add-on to MoneyWorks accounting software; provide job costing, advance inventory, assembly and warehousing management.

Visit Cognito add-on store for a full list of add-ons available or contact us for more detail.