MoneyWorks Express

More than a Cashbook

With all the features of MoneyWorks Cashbook, plus receivables and payables, MoneyWorks Express is the ideal accounting solution for smaller businesses that aim to grow.

MoneyWorks Express

is an accrued-basis accounting system that allows you to monitor overdue invoices and bills.

MoneyWorks setup guide


Simple and easy-to-follow navigator.
The navigator shows a clear step-by-step guide for creating lists (chart of accounts or the debtors and creditors), opening balances, and daily accounting transactions.

accounting workflow
MoneyWorks form designer

Customise Templates

With MoneyWorks Express, you can create eye-catching invoices, statements, Purchase Orders, mailing labels, Remittance forms, and more.

Accounts receivable

Generate invoices and statements, monitor amounts owing, and get notified when due.

Accounts payable

Monitor the outstanding purchase invoices via the payable report, and manage the cash flow with an appropriate payment schedule.

Payment history

Payment history shows the matching of each payment against the invoices or offsets of credit notes (adjustment notes).

accounting software Singapore | Analysis Report

Analysis Report

The built-in analysis feature presents the data in a cross-tabulation format (with rows and columns); for example, analysing the sales by customers, regions, products, etc.

MoneyWorks Express

  • Cashbooks for payments & receipts
  • Integrated general ledger
  • Product database
  • Manage customer/supplier contacts
  • Set up recurring transactions
  • Compare performance to budget
  • Customise Entry screens and list
  • Define pick lists for easy data entry
  • Quickly search and sort data
  • Email receipts, invoices & Statements
  • Output direct to PDF, Office, iWorks
  • Import bank Statements (QIF, OFX, CSV)
  • Point & click bank reconciliations
  • Sticky notes will help you organise
  • Powerful on-screen enquiries
  • Secure your financial data
  • Audit trails for accounting integrity
  • Export in accountant format
  • Manage unlimited companies
  • Easily manage GST/VAT/Sales Taxes
  • Dashboards for better insights
  • ~70 reports
  • Import/export & interoperability
  • Unicode support
  • Store scanned documents and images
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Design Invoices, Statements, labels, etc.
  • Analyse sales and purchases
MoneyWorks Express

MoneyWorks 会计软件

Do you need to manage inventory?

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