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MoneyWorks Cashbook is a simple and elegant cash-basis accounting system for self-employed, small businesses, clubs, societies, and non-profits organisation.

Accounting transaction - General Journal, Payment, and Receipt

Although MoneyWorks Cashbook is FREE, it comes with essential accounting features such as Cashbook, General Ledger, List view function, GST tracking, Enquiries, Contact Management, Item Pricing, Multiple Entities, etc.

Payments and Receipts are recorded into the Cashbook, allowing you to manage GST and produce professional income and expenditure reports (Profit & Loss Statement).

You can sort and search the transactions via the list view, or enquire the account balances, customer or item sales through the enquiries function.

MoneyWorks Cashbook reports

MoneyWorks allows you to manage multiple entities, no additional cost needed for creating new company files. Besides, with the support of Unicode, you can input in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, etc.