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Invoice in multiple currencies

Software: QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software

You can record bill or issue invoice in foreign currency once you have set up to use the multiple currencies feature in QuickBooks.

A currency has to tag to each name set up in QuickBooks. For example, you tag USD to Customer A if you trade with him in USD and invoices issued will link to the USD Accounts Receivable account automatically.

QuickBooks - Multiple Currencies

Multiple Customer A has to be created if you are trading with him in multiple currencies. For example, you create two names in Customer Centre if Customer A buys from you in both USD and MYR. One set as USD and another in MYR. QuickBooks treats them as a separate entity and will both show in the receivable report separately.


MoneyWorks v8.0.6 update

Cognito has released version 8.0.6 update for MoneyWorks accounting software. This updates fixes some bugs in the software and adds new scripting and analysis function.

Visit Cognito website for detail change history of v8.0.6.


MoneyWorks v8.0.3 update

Cognito has released the v8.0.3 update for MoneyWorks accounting software.

Please visit Cognito website to view the change history.