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Do not print lines around each field of the QuickBooks template

The additional print setting such as the type of paper to print on or whether to print lines around each field boxes are the local print setting which does not embed in the template setting of the QuickBooks Desktop company file.

For example, you may have lines printed around each data field such as mailing address, delivery address, around the columns, etc.; but the lines disappeared once you have changed to a new computer.

You need to reset the print setting on the new computer by select the correct paper to print on or unchecked the ‘Do not print lines around each field.’ checkbox (if you prefer to print lines around each field) when printing invoice.

QuickBooks template

The print setting stays with the new computer until the next time you changed it.

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How to show transaction currency instead of functional currency in QuickBooks Ageing Report?

Functional currency, also known as Base Currency or Home Currency, is a reporting currency used in businesses. Transaction currency in another hand is a currency used in the transaction such as Invoices, Payment or Receipts, which could be a foreign currency.

You have to convert the transaction amount to the functional currency based on the exchange rate if the transaction is a foreign currency. Software which supports multiple currencies will do the conversion automatically once the exchange rate has set.

QuickBooks accounts receivable

By default, QuickBooks ageing report prints in functional currency. For example, you have an outstanding receivable of US$10,000 at an exchange rate of 1USD:1.3SGD, the receivable report prints S$13,000 instead of US$10,000. You have to customise the report if you want the ageing report show in transaction currency (USD) instead of functional currency (SGD). Select The Transaction Currency’ radio button from the Display tab of the Customise Report wizard allow the ageing report to print in transaction currency instead. You can also do a currency filtering from the filter tab of the Customise Report wizard to limit the number of currency show in the ageing report.

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