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Is different but the same

Software: Reckon Accounts

Is different but the same.

Reckon QuickBooks has renamed to Reckon Accounts. Although, it has renamed, the look and feel of the software is still the same.

Reckon QuickBooks 2012/13:

Reckon QuickBooks

Reckon Accounts 2013:

Reckon Accounts

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Reckon QuickBooks to be renamed Accounts

Reckon   Reckon QB 2012/13

Reckon QuickBooks suite of products to be renamed Accounts in April 2013.

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Do not print lines around each field

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

You used to have lines and borders around each field in invoice, but now when you try printing an invoice, those lines and borders disappeared..

Before: invoices with lines and borders.

lines on invoice


Now: lines and borders disappeared

Lines disappeared

This could be due to previous user had accidentally checked the checkbox for “Do not print lines around each field”. Simply unchecked the “Do not print lines around each field” checkbox and try printing the invoice again; now, the lines and borders will show in the invoice.

Print setup