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Where are the Gridlines?

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

MoneyWorks version 6 allows you to export your report to Excel. It exported the file with a coloured background (version 6.0.x to v6.1.1r1 are having the coloured background in Excel when report is being exported). Hence, this background covered the gridlines in Excel.

With a coloured background, it made the viewing of report at ease ( Subtotals and totals are clearly underlined).

However, some users prefer to have the gridlines in excel when report is being exported.

How to have the gridlines?

After report is being exported from MoneyWorks to Excel, go to the View menu of the Excel and checked the checkbox for “Gridlines”.

Next, from your Home menu of your spreadsheet, click on the dropdown arrow beside the Fill button and select “No Fill”.

Now, your gridlines is back.

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Microsoft Excel only allows 256 columns in a worksheet

When export QuickBooks Profit and Loss by Class report to Excel, a warning message:

Excel allows 256 columns in a worksheet.
This report has 3445 columns (5 row title columns + 3440 data columns)
Use "Customise" to change the number of columns in this report.

This was neither an error nor bugs in QuickBooks. This was a limitation in Microsoft Excel, as the warning message stated; Excel allows only 256 columns in a worksheet.

In this case, this user has more than 3000 data columns which was far beyond Excel can take. To resolve it, you may customise your report to reduce the number of Class to be displayed.