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QuickBooks’ Vendor Balance report does not capture the records correctly

Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

You did a few general journal transactions with the Accounts Payable account, but these journal transactions did not capture in the Vendor (Supplier) Balance report. Why?

The Accounts Payable is part of the Current Liabilities, which is a ‘Control’ accounts capturing all the bills and payments related to Vendors, whereas the Vendor Balance Detail Report is like a sub-ledger, sum up the transactions by each vendor.

Based on the relationship between the accounts payable and the Vendor Balance report, unless the account used is not an account payable type, any transactions which tagged with the account will show in the report.

If you preferred using the General Journal than entering Bill to record amount owing to the Vendor may have created the ‘accounts payable’ as a Current Liabilities type of account accidentally instead of an Accounts Payable type. Hence, it doesn’t capture into the Vendor Balance report due to wrong account type used. Although the account name (Accounts Payable) could be the same, the account type is different.

Accounts Payable

To resolve the problem, create a new account with the correct account type and amend the transactions if there is a mistake made. You should consult the accountant before you make any changes to the record as it may affect the financial report. QuickBooks may allow you to make changes to the database, but it does not imply that you can change it (Especially if the account has closed or transaction is in the previous financial period).

Where are the customised forms and reports stored?

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

MoneyWorks has the built-in tool which helps the user customise forms and reports to meet the business needs. You can create forms such as invoice, credit note, purchase order, payment voucher, receipt, etc., and store them in the Custom Plug-ins folder.

Standard and Custom are the two Plug-ins folders available in MoneyWorks. The Custom Plug-ins folder store all customised forms, reports, script, import MAP, etc.; whereas the default reports and forms are in the Standard Plug-ins folder. You should not store the customised forms and reports in the Standard Plug-ins folder as it may get replaced during the software update.

The ‘Signing’ mechanism restrict access to the customised forms and reports (from the File menu, Signing), you have to sign the forms or reports before sharing it with the users.


To share, copy and paste the signed forms and reports to other user’s Custom Plug-ins folder if you are using MoneyWorks Gold accounting software. As for the Datacentre, upload it to the server via the upload wizard and MoneyWorks will distribute the forms and reports to the users when they log in.


Refer to the MoneyWorks v7 User Guide:

  • Page 44, Managing Plug-ins
  • Page 297, Protecting Reports and Forms by Signing