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GST Report in QuickBooks Canadian version

Software: QuickBooks Canadian version


Lately Intuit had introduced QuickBooks Canadian version 2011 in Singapore, many of the users who came for the demo were asking about the differences between QuickBooks Asia’s and QuickBooks Canadian’s GST reporting.

To view your GST report, you can go to Sales Tax menu and select Manage Sales Tax feature.  From the Manage Sales Tax Window, Under the Tax account and Payment section, you can click the ‘view’ text link of either Summary Report or Detail Report column to view your tax report.

Here are some of the sample GST reports:

GST Summary Report:

GST Detail Report:


GST Payable account in Balance Sheet report:


The Taxable amount in the Tax on Sales and Tax on Purchase section show correctly.

However, I don’t understand why the depreciation journal (debiting Depreciation expense account and crediting Accumulated Depreciation account) was shown in the purchase section of the GST report.

Since this is a Canadian version (unlike MoneyWorks which is compliant to Singapore IRAS e-tax guide), this could be the way Canadian user manage the tax report. It seems that any transactions that associated with expense account will show in the ‘Purchase’ section of the GST report.

To some local user, this is quite confusing.  Isn’t it?