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Importing quotes and orders into MoneyWorks

Nope, you can’t.

If you are using the spreadsheet as a word processor for quotes and invoices, you cannot import it into an accounting system.

Use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet for quotes.

The data has to be in rows and columns (like a CVS format), usually exported from a quotation or a CRM system, to import into an accounting system.

Import data

How to import?

The customers and products data have to be in sync between the quotation and accounting system before importing sales confirmation orders. It will not work if the customer code in the quotation system is ABCPL for ABC PTE LTD, but the accounting software has it as ABC01.

import MAP

Use the import feature from the file menu, or copy the cells from the spreadsheet and paste it to the sales order transaction of MoneyWorks accounting system. Then, map the source field from the spreadsheet to the MoneyWorks fields, and import the data once you have completed the mapping.

That’s it! Data imported.

Data imported into MoneyWorks accounting system

If you do not have a quotation system or currently using a spreadsheet to generate quotes, may consider using the quotes feature in MoneyWorks. For those who prefer to work on an iPad may download the free mobile app from Cognito website to create quotes on the move.

Note: The transaction type for quotes is ‘QU’, whereas the sales order is ‘SO’. You may refer to the MoneyWorks user guide for more information.

Importing Sales Invoice into MoneyWorks

Software: MoneyWorks v6  accounting software

Importing transaction, such as Sales Invoices, into MoneyWorks is not as difficult as some of the user may think (Refer to your MoneyWorks manual Page G-349 for detail on Importing & Exporting).


I have a spread sheet consist of Invoice Date, Type (Type of transaction; DI is Sales Invoice and CI is Purchase Invoice), Stock code, quantity sold, Customer name and customer code. I am going to import this information into MoneyWorks.

How am I going to do it?

Launch your MoneyWorks, go to File menu, select Import then follow by Transactions.  A Mapping window will show, which allow you to map your fields according. In this case, since I do not know the value for Invoice number, Unit price, gross amount and so for; I let the systems to pick it up from the MoneyWorks data file by changing the “Use Value” to “Work it out”; that is, let MoneyWorks work it out for me.

Since this information is going into one single invoice with multiple line items, you can click the Options button and select the radio button for “Transactions are split over multiple lines of text” and set a Key field to link up these line item (In this case, I am using “ToFrom” field).

Save your Map for future use, click on Import button to start importing the transactions.

Here is the imported invoice:

Easy, isn't it?