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Reinstall MoneyWorks accounting software

Besides using it as a test drive, the trial version can also use to reinstall MoneyWorks when changing new hardware.

Select the appropriate platform (Windows or macOS) and the version you wish to reinstall from the download dropdown list when filling up the request form. You will then receive an email with the download link requested.

Download MoneyWorks Accounting Software
Download MoneyWorks Accounting Software

Enter your license key if reinstalling your Express or Gold version; it does not require a license key to connect to your MoneyWorks Datacentre or access the company file in the MoneyWorks Now cloud server as a client.

Useful information:

Installing QBi on a Windows Server and Terminal Server – 2003 & 2008

Software: Reckon QuickBooks accounting software

Found this FAQ ID 4494 on Reckon web site about installing QuickBooks on a Microsoft Terminal Server.

Full instruction on installing QuickBooks on Microsoft Terminal Server.

Installing QuickBooks Company File Server


To run QuickBooks 2009/10 (Pro, Premium or Enterprise version) in a multi-user environment, usually we will park our QuickBooks Company file in the server. In the Server, first we need to create a Share Folder that allows all users who need to access QuickBooks Company file to have the full rights on it. 

Then, starts install the QuickBooks Company File Server software onto this server. QuickBooks Company File Server software is come with the QuickBooks 2009/10 program CD.


Next, we shall create the company file and save it into the Server’s Share Folder. Lastly, launch the QuickBooks Database Server Manager software; click the “Add Folder” button in the Scan Folder tab to add the Server’s Share Folder. Click the Scan button to start scanning the QuickBooks Company File. Once completed, we should see our company files listed in the “QuickBooks file found” window. Click the “Close” button and now the QuickBooks Company File is ready for multi-user access.