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Page numbering

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

The Page is a page numbering field in MoneyWorks form designer which you can insert into the form (template) such as invoice or purchase order.

Page numbering is a sequential number applied on a document (or book).

Add a calculation box into the template, then add the page field into the calculation box, check the Always Calculate checkbox to allow the system to calculate and print the page number accordingly.


Refer to the User Guide, Form Designer, to find out more about designing a form.


How to upload template?

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

The custom templates (such as invoice, Purchase Order, Statement forms, etc.), reports, import map, and attachment are store in the Custom Plugins folder. You have to activate the Custom Plugins folder by clicking the ‘Make a Custom Plugins folder’ button from the Housekeeping navigator after you have created the company file. Once activated, the system adds the MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins folder with subfolders for Forms, Import Maps, Picture for Company, Reports, and Scripts into the local drive automatically.

MoneyWorks Custom Plugins

These custom forms, reports, etc. are on your local computer drive and have to upload to the Datacentre server or MoneyWorks Now (cloud) server to share with users.

How to upload?

MoneyWorks Signing

After you have saved the forms or reports, select Signing from the File menu to launch the Signing wizard. Signing is to grant access. Select the template and the users, and click the Signing button to grant access. Then, proceed to upload the template.

MoneyWorks upload

You have to sign and upload each time you make changes to the template, and it will synchronise and replace the local copy on the user’s computer.

For those who like to find out more on how to access MoneyWorks from home can refer to our previous post ‘How to access your MoneyWorks company file when working from home?

Backing up the company file

Software: MoneyWorks Now accounting software

Unlike browser-based accounting software, MoneyWorks Now is a hybrid accounting system, which has a native software installed on the computer and the Database (the company file) is on the Cloud server. Being a hybrid system, besides enjoying full features and functions of the native software, it allows the user to back up the data on to a local computer drive.

Having a backup; besides recovering data, it provides an exit plan should the company grow and need to move on to a higher-end system.

MoneyWorks backup

Backup function (Save a backup as) is under the File menu. You have an option of backup the accounting data (account backup) or together with the customised templates, reports, and attachments (Account backup with Custom Plugins).

MoneyWorks Now is a cloud-based accounting system for small businesses. Sign up a demo to understand how to use MoneyWorks to manage your business finance.