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Your Print settings are damaged. Click Help for instructions on how to fix this problem.

2010_0603_QBPrint error  

The above is a warning message prompted when one of my QuickBooks customer trying to edit her invoice template.

From the Help file, it stated it could be due to the damage of the print setting file – QBPrint.qbp. To repair this file, you can try the following:

  1. Close your QuickBooks
  2. Locate your QBPrint.qbp from your QuickBooks application folder.
  3. Rename your QBPrint.qbp to QBPrint.old
  4. Restart QuickBooks, QuickBooks will re-create a new QBPrint.qbp file for you.

This should resolve your problem in printing.

If the above does not resolve your problem, then, you should consider engaging a QuickBooks consultant to check on your setting or data file.