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MoneyWorks version 8

MoneyWorks | Desktop & Cloud-based accounting systems for Small Businesses


Cognito has released MoneyWorks version 8, which is a major upgrade with the improvement such as:

  • Multiple Location / Warehouses
  • Serial/Batch number tracking
  • New database storage format results in smaller data files.
  • More user/custom fields and larger field capacity.
  • Multiple-section forms in forms designer
  • Account security levels and improved privilege control with User Roles
  • Unlimited contacts per Name record

View the full change history at Cognito website.


Out of Stock

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software
MoneyWorks will prompt when you try selling a product which does not have enough stock on hand.

Under the Data Entry tab of the Document Preferences, check the ‘Check Stock Holdings’ checkbox to activate the prompt for out of stock feature.


With the ‘Check Stock Holdings’ feature turned on MoneyWorks will compare the selling quantity against the stock on hand when you try to enter a product in the sales invoice. You get an ‘Out of Stock’ warning message when the stock on hand of a product is lower than the quantity you try to sell.


MoneyWorks does not compare the selling quantity against the re-order level during invoicing. The stock on hand of a product may be lower than the re-order level after you have entered a sales invoice, but MoneyWorks will not warn since you still have stock to sell. Instead, MoneyWorks will remind you to re-order stock every time you launch the company file when the stock on hand in lower than the re-order point.


Import Names into MoneyWorks accounting software

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

Yes. You can import names such as Supplier and Customer into MoneyWorks accounting software instead of entering it manually when migrating from other accounting software (You may have to tidy up the source file if the exported file from your existing software is messy, garbage in garbage out).


Apart from the standard fields such as the Company name, contact person, address, phone, fax, and email; you need to prepare the file with Name Code and Name Type.

The Name Code is a code uniquely identified the name. The maximum characters allowed for the name code is 11 (Alpha-numeric). For example, you have a customer ‘Best Accounting Firm LLP’, the name code could be ‘BES001’. The first three characters of the name code, BES, is same as the first three characters of the company name.

Name Type is important. It specifies whether the name, customer or supplier, recorded is a cash or credit (accrued) name type. ‘0’ is ‘False’, ‘1’ is ‘Cash’, and ‘2’ is ‘Credit’. For example, you give a customer 30 days credit terms and this name is not a supplier. You set the Customer Type as ‘2’, Payment Term as ’30’ and Supplier Type as ‘0’.


Once you have prepared the source file, import the name from the File menu. MAP the fields in the Import Wizard and start import names into MoneyWorks.