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Go paperless

Software: MoneyWorks accounting system and MoneyWorks mobile app.

You can record the expense claim from staff manually into a Purchase Invoice, then post and reimburse them when ready. This method could be tedious and time-consuming when there are many claims to record each month.

Another method is to have the staff recording the claims on a spreadsheet template and import it into MoneyWorks regularly. This method is better as it helps reduce error during transfer.

MoneyWorks Mobile

To improve the claiming process, you can consider using MoneyWorks Mobile. It’s a free app developed by Cognito which works seamlessly with MoneyWorks Datacentre and Now (a cloud-based accounting system). Install MoneyWorks Mobile on an Apple IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and start recording the expenses claim. The expense claim sync into MoneyWorks once submitted. The accountant, on the other hand, will check, post and reimburse the staff when ready.

MoneyWorks Expense Claim app

Yes, it’s that simple! Just need to enter, submit, post, and reimburse.

Purchase Invoice

MoneyWorks helps lighten the accountant workload, reduces the expense claim process, and gear up small businesses toward a paperless workflow.

Try MoneyWorks if you are looking into a better accounting system.

**You can download MoneyWorks Mobile from Cognito add-on store.



MoneyWorks updates v8.1.4

Cognito has released MoneyWorks update version 8.1.4. This update has introduced features, bug fixed, improve performance, and update of the Singapore Customer Accounting reports and default tax code.

Please check out the change history of 8.1.4 from Cognito website.

Do not print lines around each field of the QuickBooks template

The additional print setting such as the type of paper to print on or whether to print lines around each field boxes are the local print setting which does not embed in the template setting of the QuickBooks Desktop company file.

For example, you may have lines printed around each data field such as mailing address, delivery address, around the columns, etc.; but the lines disappeared once you have changed to a new computer.

You need to reset the print setting on the new computer by select the correct paper to print on or unchecked the ‘Do not print lines around each field.’ checkbox (if you prefer to print lines around each field) when printing invoice.

QuickBooks template

The print setting stays with the new computer until the next time you changed it.

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