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MoneyWorks v8.1.r1 update

Cognito has released version 8.1r1 update for MoneyWorks Datacentre and Gold accounting software. This update fixes incorrect cost value for non-inventoried products in margin display of sales transactions.

Visit Cognito website to view the change history.

Upgrade to version 8 if you are still using an older version of MoneyWorks accounting software, or contact your MoneyWorks consultant to find out more about version 8.



MoneyWorks accounting software version 8.1 update

The MoneyWorks version 8.1 update is now available. Update your MoneyWorks as soon as possible as it improves the performance and bug fixes.

Click here to view the complete list of Change History.


0-day payment term

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

When you set the payment term for a customer as ‘0’ (zero) day in the Debtor control, it will print on the invoice as ‘0’ day as default if the Term field has added to the form template. The Invoice due date is calculated based on the value set in the Term field of the name profile, therefore only numeric is acceptable. For example, when you issued an invoice dated as 1st January and the Term set is ‘Within Days 30’, the due date of the invoice will be 31st January.

Although you cannot change the field setting, you can modify the print. An ‘if()’ function can be added to the invoice template if you prefer to name the payment term as instant, immediate, C.0.D. (Cash on Delivery), etc. instead of ‘0-days’ when printed.

Let’s say you prefer ‘immediate’ than 0-day, then add an if() into the payment term field from the form designer:

if (Name.DebtorTerms = “0”, “Immediate”, Name.DebtorTerms + ” Days”)

Payment Term

The above will tell MoneyWorks to print the term as ‘immediate’ if the term set in the name profile is ‘0’, or else print as the value set in the term field and add the text ‘ Days” behind it. In short, MoneyWorks will print as ‘immediate’ if the term is ‘0’ and ’30 Days” if the term is 30.

There are sample forms available which you can use or amend to suit your business. You can also create a new one from the File menu. Refer to the Forms Designer chapter on MoneyWorks User Guide to learn more about form design or get a Consultant to design a form for you.