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MoneyWorks updates 9.1

Cognito has released the MoneyWorks updates version 9.1

This update resolved some of the issues and added a few new features, such as a date picker allowing the user to pick the date from a pop-up calendar and supporting batch/serial number tracking when building a product.

Build assembly item

Visit the Cognito website to view the change history.

MoneyWorks version 9.0.8 update

Cognito has released MoneyWorks version 9.0.8 update.

The new feature includes downloading the sales from Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce eCommerce store as a service for MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre. Besides, the stock transfer journals now support auto-split lines to streamline entering serial numbers for created stock.

The change history of v9.0.8 is available on the Cognito website; check it out to find out what is fixed and improved.

MoneyWorks doesn’t use Log4j

Cognito has released MoneyWorks 9.0.7 update, primarily a bug fix.

“Log4j” vulnerability, according to the cyber security expert, is a critical security vulnerability in Java logging library. MoneyWorks doesn’t use Log4j and hence no exposure to this exploit.

Visit the Cognito website for the change history in version 9.0.7.