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MoneyWorks 8.2.5 update

Cognito has released MoneyWorks 8.2.5 update, fixed some bugs found in running MoneyWorks on the new macOS Big Sur.

Please refer to the change history at Cognito website for more information.

The year 2020 is coming to an end, with COVID-19 vaccine coming, hope everyone has a great Christmas break. Celebrate the holiday with a lesser fear and have a good start for 2021.

Stay safe and healthy.

MoneyWorks 8.2.3 update

Cognito has released MoneyWorks update version 8.2.3.

There are features improved and bug fixes in this update. Check out the full change history at Cognito website.

MoneyWorks 8.2.2 update

Cognito has released update 8.2.2 for MoneyWorks Datacentre.

Besides fixes which improve the stability of the accounting software, using the date of sale instead of the current entry date in build journal of an Autobuild process comes in handy for assembly business.

Visit the Cognito website for full change history.