Multiple SHIP TO addresses

Some time back, during my QuickBooks demo, I had a prospect asking me whether QuickBooks could handle multiple “Ship To” addresses. At that time, QuickBooks 2007/08 (Asia) only able to record one single “Ship To” address. For those who required multiple “Ship To” addresses had to manually edit the “Ship To” address field during invoicing.

QuickBooks 2009/10 currently are able to have multiple “Ship To” addresses. This is a new feature in QuickBooks 2009/10. In the Customer Profile, you are able to create multiple “Ship To” addresses (see the below image).


Users simply just click the drop down list besides the “Ship To” field and select <Add New> to add a new “Ship To” address.

At the Invoice form, users can select the different “Ship To” address from the given box.

This feature ease the invoicing process for those users who does require multiple “Ship To” addresses such as those who are in trading or construction industry.

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