How to start a new company file in QuickBooks?

When you are new in learning something, you are always struggling at the start. Like me, when first time learning about twitter and blogging, I am struggling too.

After you have bought your QuickBooks software from the retail store, what’s the next step that you are going to do? Install the software onto your computer; activate your license via internet, then? …..  What's next? How are you going to start your new company file?

Many of the new QuickBooks user, or rather users of all kind of software or tools, will have a fear in them. Their worry could be uncertain of the features or functionality of this new tool. They may even worry that any mistake make at the start may cause the new tool to stop functioning or even damaged. The most worrying thing we had is we don't know what we don't know about. We don't know if we were to start wrongly in QuickBooks, will that cause any "side effects" at the later stage. QuickBooks does know your difficulty as a new user.

For a new user, it is easy to start a new company file. Simply launch your QuickBooks software, click the File menu and select New Company to start a new company file in QuickBooks.

EasyStep Interview window will be prompted on the screen to guide you on setting up of a new company file for your business. EasyStep Interview is wizard base, it consist of questions related to your business, just answer those questions and the next thing you know is that your company file is up and running. For a simple company setup, you should be able to complete the EasyStep Interview within 30 min or even much lesser time.

QuickBooks is off-the-shelf software, you should be able to set it up yourself, but if you need help, you can always engage a QuickBooks consultant from Solarsys.