Import of list item into QuickBooks

I had a customer who was always very busy with meetings. She doesn’t even have times to create the name list in QuickBooks. She asked me whether QuickBooks allowed her to import those customer and supplier name list from a spreadsheet.

What are those things that can be imported into QuickBooks?

At user level, QuickBooks does allow you to import list item such as:

  • Chart of account list
  • Customer:job list
  • Supplier name list
  • Employee list
  • Item list

During the implementation stage, creating of name and item list usually takes up most of the time. By importing list item it helps to reduce the implementation time and focus on your day-to-day operational task such as invoicing and enter bills.

How to import?

To import a name or item list, go to File menu and select Utilities and follow by Import. In the Import wizard, you are able to select either MS Excel file or QuickBooks "*.iif" file format.

Before you start your import process, I strongly advise you to backup your QuickBooks company file. Should there be any wrong information imported into QuickBooks, you can easily restore the previous company file.

If you are not sure in doing it, I suggest you engage a QuickBooks consultant. They will be able to do the task for you with just a little charge.

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