Set your expectation right

I did a QuickBooks consultation for a customer. They were using ACCPAC DOS version accounting software, looking forward to downgrade to QuickBooks.

They didn't intend to continue using ACCPAC accounting software as they felt that their accounts was not so sophisticated that require ACCPAC accounting solution. Besides, the budget for new accounting software was another consideration.

Are you ready to downgrade your accounting solution?

QuickBooks is an entry-mid range (lower price value) accounting software; ACCPAC is a mid-high range (higher price value) accounting solution. To a layman, you can treat them like cars. They are different types of car, you can't compare an entry level car to a mid range car with a higher cc.

Before you decided to downgrade to QuickBooks, you have to ask yourself, are you ready to adapt to an entry level, lesser features solution? For example: on a higher end solution, they can have FIFO or LIFO for their stock valuation, while QuickBooks is using Average. It is the same as when you downgrading from a Private Condominium to a Public Housing. In a condominium, you have private swimming pool, gym and tennis court. While in a Public Housing, you have to go to a public pool for a swim. Are you ready for that? Are you ready for a change?

If you are ready, then, the other part of the QuickBooks implementation will not be an issue.

If you intended to downgrade but not sure on how to go about it, you may contact a QuickBooks Consultant.

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