Can I use QuickBooks Estimate for quotation?

During my demo, prospect likes to ask me, whether they can use QuickBooks to create quotation.  Of course, you can. You can make use of the QuickBooks Estimate feature to create your daily quotations.

QuickBooks Estimate is a non-posting account. The estimates that you created will not be posted into your accounts.

Those estimates do takes up storage space in your QuickBooks database. Some of the user may suggest deleting off those unwanted estimates after one or two months later if it was not confirmed. Personally, I don't like this method, as a sales person, you should stays focus in doing sales, not to went through hundreds of estimate and starts deleting off one-by-one. Besides, you do not know when the customer will be coming back to follow up on those enquiries again.

If you don't need to create lots of estimates, of cause, QuickBooks is sufficient for your daily quotation needs. If you need to create lots of estimate, I suggest you get add-on software like QuoteWerks which will solve your quotation need.

Usually, I use QuickBooks Estimate in progress invoicing. I will blog about progress invoicing in my future blog. Do stay with my blog.

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  • I simply like Quickbooks even amidst the launch of other online bookkeeping software, thanks for the heads up.

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