How to turn on QuickBooks Payroll feature?

2009_0826_01_payrollturnon QuickBooks Payroll feature at this point is still an Australian base; it is not customized for Singapore user.

The major issues that the Singapore user should take note are:

  • The Payroll tax in this version is still referring to Australian Taxes. 
  • The Payroll year to date setting in QuickBooks Asia is from July to June (base on Australia payroll standard). In Singapore, our payroll year is from January to December.
  • When we use the percentage to calculate the CPF, it calculated to the very last cent. In Singapore, we rounded up to a dollar.
  • It will not be automatically linked to the CPF Board for your CPF payment neither it will be linked to the Bank for your GIRO deduction of the salary payable to the employees.

For Singapore user, if you do not need to automate your payroll, you still can use QuickBooks Payroll feature to record your payroll transaction.

Payroll feature by default is not turned on, to turn on Payroll feature in QuickBooks you need to go to the Edit menu and select Preferences feature. In the Preferences window, click the Payroll & Employees icon (on the left column of the preferences window), then click the Company Preferences tab. In the Company Preferences tab, select the radio button for “Full Payroll”. Click the “OK” button to complete the turning on of the payroll feature in QuickBooks.