Tracking of customer’s historical transactions in QuickBooks

2009_0829_01_custcent In business, tracking of customer purchasing and payment history is important. As a business owner it is important to know when did your customer purchased from you, how often he buys from you and how was the payment pattern like.

This information helps you in deciding when to follow up for the next sales, releasing of a longer terms of payment and any outstanding sales order pending to be delivered.

QuickBooks 2009/10 introduce a new Customer Centre feature that provides you with an overview of this customer's purchasing and payment history.

This is one of my favourite features in QuickBooks 2009/10. You can create or edit customer profile within this screen and create new transactions such as invoice, adjustment note or receive payment.

Besides, there is a register window to give you an overview of this customer's transaction history. From the register, you can set the desire date range to have an overview of transactions within this period of time frame.

This consolidated overview of the customer profile helps business owner to have a better understanding of the customer. It is not a CRM software, but does provide some critical financial information to the business owner.

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