Intellisync – Failed to connect to the device. Please make sure that the device is properly connected and try again.

Lately, I upgraded my BlackBerry Handheld device. I retired my BlackBerry 8707v and upgraded to a new BlackBerry Bold. Upgrading to a new handheld is supposed to be exciting; everyone likes to have new things, isn't it? I faced a slight problem when comes to upgrading. 

I managed to install the new BlackBerry Desktop 4.6 (that comes with the package) and did a change of device. All data from my old BlackBerry 8707v was successfully transferred to my new BlackBerry Bold. But thereafter, whenever I plucked in my BlackBerry Bold, there was an error message prompted: 

Bb error

I did a few tests myself, that includes: 

  • Wipe out my BlackBerry Bold's data and re-do the change of handheld device again via Device Switch Wizard.
  • Installed the Blackberry desktop onto another computer to ensure the problem was not with my computer.
  • Reset configuration from the Synchronization option
  • Go to the web to search for answer and followed the suggestion given; but all these failed.

Finally, on the second day, I called the technical support. The solution given were:

  • First tech support staff, 'The problem is due to your desktop which is an older version, upgrade to the latest version from the web (i.e. Version 5) and the problem will be resolved.' He was so confident, so I tried, but still failed.
  • Second tech support staff, 'Your firm ware is, you need to upgrade to the latest firm ware from the web.' I follow his instruction, but during the upgrading process, error prompted and upgrading process aborted.
  • Third tech support staff, 'Since you have tried these few methods, it is confirm that your Handheld is faulty, you need to send your equipment to the service centre for a repair.'

Gosh! I just have this equipment yesterday! How can you asked me to send in for repair? If faulty, I am expecting a one-to-one exchange. What kind of service is this?

With mine experience in ACT! (I was an ACT! Certified Consultant) I don't think the problem was with my device, it should be due to some data or program issue.

I did a final test, wipe out my data (which was transferred from BlackBerry 8707v) and pluck it into my computer. Ha-ha! There wasn't any error message prompted. I perform my regular synchronization between my ACT! and BlackBerry Bold, it works perfectly. 

To conclude, this was due to data compatibility issue (or there was a corruption in the earlier data), nothing to do with my handheld device or desktop software. Hmm … Looks like these tech support staffs needs more training.

Compatibility issue is not uncommon for databases, if I were to insist that Research In Motion were to resolve for me, chances are they have to take my data file back and takes few days or even weeks to resolve it. And there are still chances that they could not resolve it (if my data file was corrupted and beyond repair). I don't want to waste time in resolving it, I simply starts a fresh and move on from here. I still have the older black up file; I can restore it anytime if I need it.

In database, there is no guarantee that your data file which was in an older version can be migrated to a newer version successfully. You have to be prepared to start a fresh data should your data migration failed.

For QuickBooks, I usually suggest to user to send in your old data file for an evaluation before you purchase your upgrade version.

One response to “Intellisync – Failed to connect to the device. Please make sure that the device is properly connected and try again.

  1. Your advice was EXTREMELY helpful! I struggled with my new BB Bold for days and went through exactly the same experience, including getting the manufacturer to replace the unit. Then I wiped out my BB data like you said and the sync totally worked! Brilliant!!!