QuickBooks Payroll item – Wage

2009_0904_01_wageitem Once the QuickBooks Payroll feature is being turned on, we need to set up the payroll item.

The payroll item includes wage, addition, deduction, company contribution and super contribution (For Australia user).

To set up the payroll item, go to the Lists menu and select Payroll Item List.

In the Payroll Item list, add a new Payroll item for wage item type. Wage item are inclusive of Hourly Wages, Annual Salary, Other (Commissions, Time in lieu, Miscellaneous adjustment) and Bonus. 

For this case, we add a new Annual Salary wage item type. For annual salary, we shall set as a regular pay item. Then enter a name for this Payroll item that you have created; in this example, we shall use ‘Basic Salary’.

Link your Wage Payroll item to a Payroll Expenses account (Usually I will link to Basic Salary Expenses account).

Under the Tax Tracking Type, we have to select ‘None’, the rest of the tax type are not for Singapore user. Remove the Inclusions check box and completed the setting up of the Wage payroll item.