QuickBooks error code C=43

I received a support case, this customer’s Server crashed and causing the QuickBooks data file having an error of C=43.

From Reckon’s FAQ, Fatal Error (m=1477, l=5740, c=43, v=2(2)):

  • FAQ ID: Q1056
  • FAQ ID: Q1084
  • FAQ ID: Q1164

It recommend that user Re-sort the list item such as customer:Job list, verify data and rebuild the QuickBooks data file.

For Singapore version (or rather Asia version), this method does not resolved the error of C=43.

C=43 error was cause by data file corruption. In my customer’s case, the Register balance for Balance Sheet account was not balanced with the amount in Chart of Accounts list view. In fact, we know which transaction has caused the problem but we cannot delete off this transaction. When we tried to zoom into this transaction, QuickBooks just aborted.

For users who had a C=43 error, we will advice them to restore their previous backup file. After restoring the file, they should perform data file maintenance to ensure that the set of data is in good condition.

In any databases or important documents you should do a proper backup. Check with your I.T. on the backup procedures that you should be adopting.

For those who has an error of C=43 and does not have any backup file, you may consider to send in your data file to Quicken Asia. The programmer at Quicken Asia may be able to delete off the corrupted transactions from the backend.