QuickBooks Payroll Item – Company Contribution

2009_0911_01_employercontribution ‘Company Contribution’ is referring to payroll item such as ‘CPF Employer’ or ‘SDL’ contribution by the employer. It is part of the company expenses.

CPF Employer’s Company Contribution payroll item can be added from the Payroll Item list.

In the Agency for Company-Paid liability window, you are require to add the Agency (i.e. CPF Board), a Payroll Liability account (usually, I prefer to use CPF Payable account) and a Payroll expenses account (usually, I prefer CPF Employer expenses account).

As usual, the Tax tracking type window, we select ‘None’ from the drop down list. The rest of the tax items are not for Singapore user.

Uncheck the PAYG tax selection in the taxes window.

For the Calculate base on quantity window, we can select the ‘Neither’ option.

In the Gross vs. Net window, select ‘Net Pay’ option (default). 

For the Default rate and limit, we can leave it blank (due to rounding issue, usually I prefer to add it in the employee's profile instead of in the payroll item) and uncheck the check box for ‘This is an annual limit’.

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