Have you backup your QuickBooks company file?


Yesterday, at a construction site, while the construction worker was digging the MRT tunnel; accidentally, they burst an underground water pipe. This caused the entire worker at the site to stop work and activating an emergency plan to stop the water and to reduce the damages to the shops nearby.

Collins Cobuild Dictionary:

Emergency: an emergency is an unexpected and difficult or dangerous situation, especially an accident, which happens suddenly and which requires quick action to deal with it.”

In handling QuickBooks or any databases, we must standby an emergency plan. In cases such as data file corrupted, accidentally deleted off the data file or hard disk crashed; we must be able to restore back the data file in a shortest possible time.

We must have a regular backup plan for our QuickBooks data file. Usually, I suggest user to backup their QuickBooks data daily or as and when they updated their QuickBooks data file.

In QuickBooks 2009/10, to backup your data file, go to File menu and select 'Save Copy or Backup' function.

If you don’t have a habit of backing up your data file, I suggest you create an Auto Backup schedule in your QuickBooks. So QuickBooks can run an Auto Backup every 2 or 3 times you closed your company file.

Backing up of QuickBooks data file is very important. If you have not backup your file, do it now!

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