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During my QuickBooks demonstration, prospects usually will
ask me what's the different between QuickBooks Asia (Singapore) version and the
rest of versions that they saw on the web.

Base on my understanding:

QuickBooks originally owned by Intuit (www.intuit.com). Intuit developed QuickBooks
US, QuickBooks UK and QuickBooks Canadian version (The retail box is Green in

Our version (QuickBooks Singapore) is developed by Reckon (www.quicken.com.au). Base on QuickBooks US
version, Reckon developed QuickBooks Australian, QuickBooks New Zealand,
QuickBooks Asia (Singapore) version. (Our retail box is red in colour). The
agent for QuickBooks Asia is Qcom (www.quicken-asia.com).

QuickBooks Asia (Singapore) version is being used in
Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

We cannot use a QuickBooks Asia version to open up a
database that was originally created in QuickBooks US version. For QuickBooks
US version, they are using Sales Tax; as for Asia version we are using GST.

Besides, the add-on software that you saw on Intuit web site
usually will not work with the QuickBooks Asia (Singapore) version. It will be
better for those users who are interested in the add-on software to find out
more from the developer before they purchase it.

To attend QuickBooks training in Singapore or to purchase a
QuickBooks Asia (Singapore) version, you may contact Solarsys (www.qb.sg).

Solarsys is a QuickBooks reseller and trainer in Singapore.
They do sales of QuickBooks software, QuickBooks demonstration, QuickBooks
training for both classroom and on-site implementation, and QuickBooks support
on 'how do I' issue.

Quotewerks is one of the add-on software that I tested out
that works with QuickBooks Asia. Quotewerks is a handy tool that enable user to
create quotation and link back to QuickBooks as an invoice.  For a demonstration on Quotewerks, you may
contact Solarsys (www.solarsys.com.sg).

Besides QuoteWerks quotation solution, QReportBuilder from www.QODBC.com should be able to work with QuickBooks Asia too. If you have an Add-on solution for QuickBooks Asia, do drop me a message, I will be keen to test it out.

For more detail on QuickBooks history, you may check it out at the Wikipedia.

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