How to invoice a customer with more than one currency type?

I received a support email, this user need to create two invoices to a customer; one invoice need to be in Singapore dollar and the other required to be in US dollar. She had a problem when she tried to create this customer name with a US dollar; QuickBooks prompted:

This name is already in use in the Customer:Job List. You cannot use a name in more than one list. Append a letter or number to this name to differentiate it from the existing name.

Note: the name in the first line of the address field will be used for cheques and forms.

How to resolve this?

In QuickBooks you cannot have a same customer name appearing more than once in your customer:Job list. In this case, you have to change the Customer name to such as “CompanyName-US$”, but keep the Company name to be the same as the one in Singapore dollar, such as “CompanyName”. 

Customer name field will not show in the invoice form; but Company name (Address 1in Address field) will show in the invoice form as Bill To.

Besides, every currency type has its own Accounts Receivable account. For example, the US dollar debtors will be posted into the Account Receivable account that is in US dollar currency type. Therefore, if a customer traded with you in both US dollar and Singapore dollar, you must create two different customer names in the Customer:Job list.

QuickBooks control the currency type of the transaction at the Customer:Job level and not at the invoice level.  That is, if a customer was set as US dollar, then all transactions associated with this customer will be in US dollar.

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