Back to Basic – QuickBooks 2009/10 Asia’s Home Page

QuickBooks 2009/10 Asia has been launched for more than 5 months, I believe to some upgrade user who has upgraded from the previous version find the newer version has some great features that previous version doesn't have; of course, there are some minor issue that they may find it 'stupid' comparing to the earlier version (or rather more refined steps). Overall, the newer QuickBooks 2009/10 Asia does provide an easy to use navigating tool that helps user to navigate around QuickBooks accounting software.

For the next coming blog posts I am going to introduce some great features in this new QuickBooks 200/10 Asia.

First, I could like to introduce the 'Home' page of QuickBooks 2009/10 Asia. Although, personally I don't really use the Home page most of the time (I prefer to use either the Navigation bar or Menu bar) but it does provides the user (especially for those who are new to QuickBooks) with an easy to use flow chart for their accounting process.


In the Home page, it divided the accounting function into 5 sections. They are Suppliers, Customers, Employees, Company and Banking.

At the left hand side, it starts with a Supplier work flow that consists of Purchase Orders, Receive Inventory (both with and without Bills), and Enter Bills against Inventory, Enter Bills & Supplier Credits, Pay Bills and Mange Tax (G.S.T.).

In the Customers work flow, it consists of Sales Orders, Estimate, Invoices, Receive Payments, Enter Daily Sales (Cash Sales Receipt), Statement charges, Statements (Statement of Account) and Refund & Adjustment (Credit Note).

In the Employees section, it allows user to access the Payroll Centre, Enter Time (Time Sheet for recording time spend on project/job), Pay Employees and Pay Liabilities.

Company section is the core area that consists of Chart of Accounts, Items & Services, Build Assemblies, and Adjust Quantity on Hand and Audit Company feature (This is a process for year-end closing).

Banking section (some people refer it as a Cash Books) that consists of Banking feature such as Record Deposits, Write Cheques, Print Cheque (not for Singapore user), Reconcile (Bank Reconciliation) and Cheque Register (Bank Register).

At the far right, it consist of Account Balances that shows a Summary of all your bank balances (if you have the access right to bank account), a Get Started function to help new user to customize the QuickBooks and a Learn about Services (not for Singapore user) that links to Australia Quicken Services.

This Home page is a simple work flow for the accounting process; as a new user in QuickBooks, you can follow the ‘arrows’ to navigate from one function to the other. In short, just follow the arrows; you will never get loss in QuickBooks.

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