Back to basic – QuickBooks Customer Centre

Today, I am going to discuss about my other favourite feature in QuickBooks 2009/10 Asia – Customer Centre.

Customer Centre button is one of the five buttons in the Navigation bar. Click on the Customer Centre button, Customer Centre page will be launched. In the Customer Centre, the top portion consists of sub-menu such as:

New Customer & Job

  • New Customer
  • Add Job

New Transactions

  • Estimate
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Sales Receipt
  • Statement Charges
  • Receive Payment
  • Adjustment Note/Refunds


  • Customer & Job List
  • Customer & Job information
  • Customer & Job Transaction List


  • Export Customer List
  • Export Transactions
  • Import from Excel


  • Prepare Letter to …
  • Prepare Customer Letters …
  • Prepare Collection Letters …
  • Customise Letter Template

On the left hand side of the Customer Centre you will see two tabs; Customers & Job tab and Transactions Tab.

Customers & Job Tab

2009_1130_01_01_CustomerJobCtraIt shows a list of Customer name and Job that you have. When you click on any of the customer name or Job, the right side of the screen will show the customer’s profile such as Company name, Address, Payment Terms, Currency type and etc. Below the customer’s profile, it will show the transactions such as Tax Invoice, Payment, Sales Order and Adjustment Note of this customer.

This is one of the favourite features that I like to use in QuickBooks, at one glance; I can check the payment or invoices of this customer.  I believe most of the user who has uses QuickBooks 2009/10 (Asia) will like this feature too.

Transactions Tab

2009_1130_01_01_CustomerJobCtrTransaIn the Transactions Tab, it further breaks down the Sales related transactions into transaction type such as Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices, Statement Charges, Sales Receipts, Received Payments, Adjustment Notes and Refunds into a Register format.  Once you click on any of the transaction type on the left; on the right side, it will present a list of related transactions of all the customers in the date range that you have selected.

These great features helps user to find information much easier in comparing with the earlier version of QuickBooks.

If the programmer can consider adding the Statement and Make
Deposit features into the Customer Centre, under
New Transactions drop down list, will further enhance the ease of use
of QuickBooks accounting software. Currently, this features only available when you right-click
on the Customer:Job list. Personally, I hope this improvement can be ready in the next