Can QuickBooks Retail POS Terminal not Link with QuickBooks (Asia)?

“May I know whether we can install QuickBooks and the QuickBooks POS Administrator on the same computer in the office, and then the Retail POS Terminal on another computer at the shop with no network connection to the PC where the QuickBooks program and the QuickBooks POS Administrator were installed?”

The above is a tech support message I received. A retailer will ask this common question during my QuickBooks Retail Point-of-sales demonstration.

First, we look at the relationship between QuickBooks (Asia), QuickBooks Retail Point-Of-Sale (POS) Terminal and QuickBooks Retail POS Administrator.

QuickBooks Retail POS Terminal need to read POS Administrator’s PDB file (QuickBooks Point-Of-Sale Database file) on every sales recorded. This is to update the stock on hand in the PDB file.

When QuickBooks Retail POS Administrator do the POST and TRANSFER it picks up the POS file (QuickBooks Point-Of-Sale’s Sales Transaction file) from the QuickBooks Retail POS Terminal, record it in the QuickBooks’ QBW file (QuickBooks Company File), and TRANSFER the latest Stock information from QuickBooks QBW file to the PDB file.

From the above information on the relationship between the software, the software needs one another at a different stage of the operation process. Therefore, we need to ‘link’ them up in some way.

If the office and the shop are in a different location, the solution that I may consider will be:

  • For the Cashier's PC at the shop I will install QuickBooks, QuickBooks Retail POS Admininstrator and QuickBooks Retail POS terminal.
  • For the accounts PC (I suggest to use a Notebook computer) at the office, I will install QuickBooks accounting software with QuickBooks Database Server Manager software and host the QuickBooks’ data file in this Notebook.

During End-Of-Day process, QuickBooks Retail POS terminal DOES NOT require to launch QuickBooks or QuickBooks Retail POS Administrator. It will generate a QuickBooks Retail POS file and update the PDB file in QuickBooks Retail POS Administrator.

When we require doing a POST and TRANSFER between the QuickBooks Retail POS Administrator and QuickBooks accounting software:

  • Bring the Notebook to shop, link it up via Network cable.
  • From Cashier's PC, launch QuickBooks and open up the QuickBooks QBW file.
  • Launch QuickBooks Retail POS Administrator, do the POST and TRANSFER.
  • Upon completion, shut down QuickBooks and QuickBooks Retail POS Administrator from the Cashier's PC.
  • Unplug network

The latest information updates both QuickBooks POS administrator's PDB file and QuickBooks QBW file.

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