How can I modify a report in QuickBooks?

In my earlier blog post, ‘How can QuickBooks helps in managing my goods in both Bonded Warehouse and my own warehouse?’ I did mention that you could view your Inventory value for both the Bonded Warehouse and your own warehouse in the Balance Sheet Report.

I received some calls asking me other then viewing the inventory value in the Balance Sheet report, can they view the stock on hand too for both warehouse in either one or two separated reports.

Of course, you can.

How can you customize your QuickBooks’ report?

We do not ‘customize’ the QuickBooks report, we ‘fine tune’ it.

We can do some minor modification or filtering of the reports to suit our requirement. For those who require to do a major customizing, such as pulling data fields from different tables within QuickBooks may consider to use a 3rd party tool such as QODBC to customize a report.

So, how can you modify a QuickBooks’ report?

In our earlier example, we have two warehouses. A Bonded warehouse that kept the raw inventory item, items that without any duty; we created these item as an Inventory Part item. Next, we have our own warehouse that goods in this warehouse are with duty fully paid up; we created these item as an Inventory Assembly item.

In report such as Inventory Valuation Summary report or Inventory Status by item report, we can simply filter to display either ‘All Assembly Item’ to show the entire inventory in our own warehouse or ‘All Inventory Item’ to show the entire inventory in the Bonded Warehouse.

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