Do I need to upgrade my QuickBooks?

Last Saturday, my BlackBerry prompted me to install a newer version of OS (Operating Systems), version 5. I followed the instruction and starts doing my upgrading. After the upgrade, I started ‘playing’ around with the new version 5; I discovered that the newer OS does not have the ‘Keypad Lock’ function. I am not sure was it that the Keypad Lock feature had removed off, was it had renamed, or was it hid in some other menu.

Keypad Lock is an important function to me, I always like to put my BlackBerry in my pocket without a protective case, with Keypad Lock, it will prevent the phone accidentally dial out.

I need this function more than those newer features such as FaceBook or a nicer SMS communication log. Hence, I downgraded my BlackBerry back to the older OS, version 4.6.

This reminded me when QuickBooks launched the version 2002; the Discount Info feature in the Receive Payment form was missing. This had caused frustration to some QuickBooks user. Since then, this feature had omitted. Nevertheless, over the years, user had used to it and Discount Info feature had became a history.

During my QuickBooks demonstration, users always like to ask me, ‘if QuickBooks launched a newer version, do they need to upgrade?’

To me, I will consider an upgrade when:

  1. I need to add additional license, but my version was already discontinuous. Thus, I require upgrading my current version to the latest version that is available in the market.
  2. When I upgraded to a newer Operating Systems and my version of QuickBooks does not support the newer Operating Systems that was comes with the hardware. For those users who uses QuickBooks 2006/07 or earlier need to upgrade their QuickBooks to the latest version if they wanted to install QuickBooks in Window Vista environment.
  3. I need the newer feature. For those QuickBooks users who are using QuickBooks 2002 (Asia) or earlier are required to upgrade their QuickBooks to the latest version (Professional version and above) if they require to use the multi-currency feature.
  4. I just want to have it. This is like ‘me too’ kind of behaviour.  When there is something new, you just feel like having it too. It is not because of the newer features or change in environment; it is simply ‘I just like to have it’.

Like my case, although there is a newer BlackBerry OS 5, but I need a feature in OS 4.6 and it stopped me from upgrading my BlackBerry OS.

If you are not sure whether to upgrade your QuickBooks or simply stays with your current version, you can always drop us an email or give us a call at +65 6336 0300, our QuickBooks sales consultant will able to advice you on that.