Account is not in Account List

[I use account code for my accounts in the Chart of Accounts list. While creating an item in the item list, I try to select the account in the associated account field but it prompts me, either "account is not in Account list" or "account cannot be added. QuickBooks cannot add more than one level to the Account list at a time". ]

What is the problem? 

The account was already created in the Chart of Accounts list, why can’t I simply select it for my new item?

This is a common issue that the Asian user had when using QuickBooks with East Asian languages.

QuickBooks is not design to use with East Asian Fonts such as Chinese, Japanese or Thai. When user installed QuickBooks in a Computer that has an East Asian Language installed such as Chinese, Japanese or Thai languages. User will not be able to use the account number in QuickBooks. 

Why is it so?

When QuickBooks account number is turned on, from the Chart of Accounts list, you will see a “?”, “#” or a “@” symbol between the Account Number and the Account Name. This is due to the Uni-code in the East Asian language has replace the hidden code between the Account Number and the Account Name into a East Asian Language Symbol.

To resolve it, you have to turn off the Account Number from your Preferences window. Once you have turned off the Account Number, you will be able to use your QuickBooks as usual; “Accounts is not in Account list” error message will stop prompting you.

What if account number is very important to you, how should you continue using account number with East Asian Language running side by side with QuickBooks?

The workaround solution you can consider will be:

  • Turn off the Account Number feature in QuickBooks.
  • Enter your account number in the Account Name field. Example: if your Bank account’s account number is 100-101, then, you may record the Account Name for your Bank account as “100-101 – Bank Account”. 

Note: The maximum number of characters for Account Number is 7 Characters.

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