Gosh! My QuickBooks license expiring soon; do I need to pay for renewal?

QuickBooks Asia edition (excludes QuickBooks Enterprise version) is requiring re-activating the license every three years. From the Help menu, select My License Information, in the license Information page you can find your date of “Last License Refresh” and date of “Next required License refresh”.

Usually, thirty days before license expired, QuickBooks will prompt you to renew your license. I suggest do not wait until the very last day then renew your license, because renewal of license takes one to two working days.


Do you need to purchase a new QuickBooks software program upon expired?

No. You need not purchase a new QuickBooks software program or a new license upon license expired.

Renewal of license (free-of-charge) simply go to Quicken Asia’s web site, fill up the license renewal form and Quicken Asia will get back to you via Email. Follow the steps given in the email; you will be able to re-activate your QuickBooks license for another three years.

After your first activation, you should consider requesting a Customer ID and PIN, in the event that you require re-activating your license, simply provide Quicken Asia with your Customer ID, they will able to trace back the company name that you have registered. Some of my users have a few companies under their group, when their QuickBooks license expired in three years time; they have forgotten which company they used for QuickBooks registration. This will cause delay in obtaining the new license code and sometime causing delay in submitting your accounts.


Under what situation will you require to purchase a new version of QuickBooks?



Click here to upgrade your QuickBooks




You will consider upgrading your QuickBooks software when you require the newer features in QuickBooks. For example, you are currently using an older version of QuickBooks (maybe QuickBooks 2002 or 2007/08 Plus version) and now you require working with multi-currency accounts. In this case, you have no choice but to purchase a newer version of QuickBooks (2009/10 Pro and above version) since your older version does not support multi-currency feature.

Some users upgrade their software because they require an additional user license but their current version was no long available in the market. A user may starts with QuickBooks Pro 2006/07 version, few years later when they thought of getting an additional license, but their version of QuickBooks was obsolete and no longer available in the market.  Hence, they have to upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks that is available.

When user upgrading their hardware with newer Operating Systems, the current version of QuickBooks that they have does not support the new Operating Systems. User has to upgrade their QuickBooks in order to install it in the newer Operating Systems. User who require installing QuickBooks in Microsoft Window Vista Operating Systems require QuickBooks 2007/08 version and above. For more detail in systems requirement, please check with Quicken Asia’s web site.

Price for QuickBooks Asia edition is available on www.QB.sg or you may contact QuickBooks Asia’s reseller, Solarsys at +65 6336-0300.

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  • Just like other software, when it expires, just go to the website of the software and renew it or if it has update option, you can update it to a newer version.

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