How can you generate a report for Stock adjustment that you have done earlier?

For those who uses stock module in QuickBooks, once a while (usually perform after stocktaking) will do a stock adjustment to balance up your stock on hand. Hence, many of you do not know how to print a stock adjustment report to show the item, quantity and value that you have adjusted.

To print a report for Stock Adjustment, you can use a Journal report. Go to the Reports menu, select Accountant and follow by Journal.

In the Journal report, it will list out all the transactions that you have done, be it Invoice, Bill or Cheque payment. You have to do a filter to filter the Transaction Type to just Stock Adjustment (if you know the transaction number, you can directly filter the Number = your Stock Adjustment transaction number).

Next, you may need to modify the Journal Report further to show the column like Item, Item Description and Quantity. You may consider removing those unwanted column such as Memo, Account and Name.

To enhance your report, you may change the Report title to Stock Adjustment report instead of the default name “Journal”. If you are going to use this Report often, then, you may want to memorize it into your Memorized Report group.

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