2010_0531_backup This is not the first time I remind QuickBooks user to backup their company file. Am still seeing users do not take Backup task seriously; some user backup rarely, some “recycle” the backup file and some even do not perform a backup at all. This is a bad habit. Backup is an important task, be it your daily document, spreadsheet or your QuickBooks Company file, you must perform your backup task as according to your schedule. For QuickBooks, I recommend user backup daily.

For QuickBooks 2009/10 Asia edition, to do a backup, simply go to File menu and select “Save Copy or Backup …”; next, follow the Backup wizard to perform your daily backup. The Backup extension for QuickBooks is “*.QBB”.

If you foreseeing that you do not have a habit of backing up regularly, I suggest you set a schedule for your backup. You can setup an Automatic backup schedule for your QuickBooks Company file for every “x” number of time you close your Company File. Should there be anything happen to your QuickBooks Company file, such as having a major data error such as C=43, C=44 or C=88, you can have a backup file to fall back on.

Do not forget to BACKUP!

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