QuickBooks crashed upon launching

These few weeks, I had support calls on QuickBooks crashed when user trying to launch QuickBooks program. Most of these users were using QuickBooks 2007/08 Asia version.

2010_0617_IE This is due to the security setting in Microsoft Window Internet Explorer (IE) was too high. To resolve this, simply go to your Internet Explorer program, select Tools menu and follow by Internet Options.

Under the internet Options window, click the Security tab. In the Security tab window, click the Default Level button to return the security level from Custom to Default setting. Save your new setting. Now, launch your QuickBooks program again. You should not receive any more Crash message upon launching your QuickBooks.

Sometime when you login to web site, such as Tax Portal, it require you to change your IE security setting to high, after visiting these site, clear your cache and change your security setting back to default before you launch QuickBooks again.

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