Linking QuickPOS to a new QuickBooks company file

In the Cashier computer you are require to install QuickPOS terminal software. If your QuickBooks is in another computer (HQ) within the same retail shop, you need to install the QuickPOS Administrator and QuickBooks accounting software in this ‘HQ’ computer.

QuickPOS Administrator is a bridge between the QuickBooks and QuickPOS terminal. You need QuickPOS Administrator to TRANSFER stock and Accounts Receivable information from QuickBooks company file into the QuickPOS data file. Then, QuickPOS Terminal will need to read and write back to this POS data file when generating sale.

If you need to change to a new QuickBooks company file, first you need to ensure all POST and TRANSFER is done. That is, all the sales information from POS Terminal transferring back to the QuickBooks company file.

Next, backup your QuickBooks Company file and POS Keyboard mapping. Backing up is like buying insurance, just in case things does not work out, you can restore the file back to resume your business.

From the POS Administrator, go to the Tools menu and select Option. In the Option window, select General Tab. Under the General Tab, you can click the ‘Change’ button of the QuickBooks Data File field to change to a new QuickBooks Company file.

After changes have done, you need to test the POS keyboard to ensure all the keys are workable. Sometime, you may require editing the Keyboard Mapping to match with your new QuickBooks company file.