Can you give me the Sales by Rep report for this quarter?

    “Jane, can you give me the Sales by Rep report for this quarter?”

    “Sure. But Boss, can you give me few days to prepare?”

    “Why you need few days? I need it later for the Sales Meeting.”

    “Sorry, I can’t. I need to sort them out and prepare it in a Spreadsheet.”


2010_0716_salesbyrep Do you have the similar problem?

QuickBooks can help.

You can add your employees, the salesperson, as a Rep. Then, in every invoice; you select the Rep for the case into the Rep field. Next, from either ‘Sales by Rep Detail’ or ‘Sales by Rep Summary’ report, you can view the sales generated by individual salesperson (Rep).

2010_0716_salesbyrepdet Besides, you can set the default Rep for each customer in the Customer Profile page. When creating invoice for the customer, the Rep for this customer will automatically pulled out into the invoice. This method will reduce the mistake of selecting wrong Rep for the invoice.